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Quick - Step by Step Guide :

- Download GBA ROMS
[Legal FreeWare Gameboy Games]
[List of sites with commercial GBA games]

(if the ROM name does not end with .GBA most likely it is inside a ZIP, 7z or RAR archive file - in most cases it will be - so you should extract it before playing. Use this program to do it. Install it then -> Right click on zip/rar/7z and select -> extract here)
- Download GBA Emulator and extract it
[ VBALink - VisualBoy Advance with Multiplayer ]
[ No$GBA - emulate Gameboy and DS with NoGBA]
- Open Emulator .exe file
- Inside GBA emulator window select File -> Open and browse to the location where the rom.gba file is stored
- OPEN & Play!


GBA ROMs is the "code name" for GAMEBOY micro, GBA SP and Gameboy Advance Game backups. Backups are made by "dumping" that is reading out all information from GBA cartridges internal Read Only Memory chips. That is where the name ROM comes from - Read Only Memory. Some may ask, but is it really only read only because I can store the save games on the cartridge? Well the Game is stored in the ROM + there is also SRAM or EEPROM or FLASH memory that is reusable and stores the save game files. In addiction to that the cartridge can have a Real Time Clock inside for time triggered events, like the Pokemon games have, and Light sensors like Boktai or accellemeter as Kirby Pinball.

Is there a GBA File Extractor - there are tools that let you extract music from .gba rom files - rip GSF music.

GBA on 3DS DStwo
NDS ROM flash cards for DS / DS Lite / DSi XL. R4i SDHC, AceKard 2i, M3i Zero, R4i DSi, R4 SDHC, R4i GOLD, R4 DS .
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